The Fantastic Fluke

A lost fox. A gorgeous ghost. And an unlikely partnership to stop a murderer. Since his mother’s murder, Sage McKinley doesn’t live, he exists. His weak magic has made him an outcast, shadowing his life with self-doubt. All that changes when the spirit of a gunslinger appears in his bookstore with a message that will […]

Lost on a Page

“This is one of the most clever, entertaining, and hilarious books I’ve ever read.” -Joe Siple, bestselling author of The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride Some genres were never meant to cross. Joe Slade is a detective with a hot lead and a warm gun. He no longer believes in happy-ever-afters, but his faith […]

Destiny’s Blood (The First Star Book 1)

When twins dream of disaster, the universe will fall. Can one woman break the destined bonds and avert a deadly fate? Layela Delamores yearns for a normal life running her own flower shop. Tormented by nightly visions of a troubling prophecy she can barely recall on waking, she’s petrified her new venture is doomed. And […]

Dirty Deeds (The Tulsa Pack Book 1)

His club, Ravenous Wolves, was known and feared locally. They had a reputation for doing whatever was needed, no matter how dirty, to get their desired results. He wanted to shed the nasty reputation to bring his club into the modern world and gain the respect they deserved. J. C. was ready for a mate, […]

Dante’s Hope (Reyes Brothers Series Book 1)

A curse, a vision, and a secret. With a flimsy piece of evidence and a Psychic vision, “Miss Butterfly”, crashes the Reyes Brother’s charity fundraiser hoping one of them believes in curses. She has a devastating secret and they may be her last chance to get answers. Fearing the affliction haunting him is tied to […]

Doormaker: Rock Heaven (Book 1)

From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Jamie Thornton. Three worlds are falling apart… …but making portals is forbidden. Can an untrained Doormaker save her family, and Earth, in time? “…very evocative…” – BookNest, C.T. Phipps ★★★★★ “Imagine not being able to open a door without mistakenly opening a portal to another world…” […]

RedLight District: Fantasy Romance

Desires are meant to be explored, only one taste won’t do. Kimberly Peterson is awkward in every sense of the word. She hasn’t had a date in over a year. Her world revolves around work and close family and friends. That’s it. No boyfriend. No intimacy. On the surface, her life is mundane, if not […]

The Century’s Scribe (A Fantastic Decade Book 1)

“If Harry Potter had grown up and gone to the university in Lev Grossman’s Magician’s Trilogy, the result might look something like this.” –James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestseller of The Last Odyssey Dreden Sharpstand and his father are poor. All the humans and avehos of Kroonsaed are hardly getting by. If not for […]

Dust and Shadow: A Forgotten Lands Novel

#1 in Western Science Fiction, #1 in Historical Fantasy Fiction, #1 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, and #1 in Alternative History No place on earth is untouched by the Shift. It’s been two centuries since the boom of the Industrial Revolution sent the Victorian world into a devastating climatic shift. Now, chivalry is dead and the […]

The Wild Moon (Soulbound Shifters Book 1)

I’ll do whatever it takes to be free of him. Eight months ago, my ex-boyfriend decided that if he couldn’t have me, then nobody could. What should have been the best night of my life was ruined. Stripped of friends, my parents, and denied a mate, my Soulshift was a disaster I didn’t see coming. […]