The Land of Fire and Ash: The Complete Series Box Set

A world built on the tales of dragon kings. Powerful brothers at war. An orphan girl sold as a bride. And in the realm rebellion looms, as does the return of the mighty dragon shifters. Some long for the return of the dragons… others fear it will be the end of the world as it […]

The Edge of Life: Love and Survival During the Apocalypse

To cope with everyday life, neurodivergent Kat is a secret binge drinker, and jilted Ryan is a workaholic. Disillusioned, neither does more than go through the motions of living—then comes the asteroid. Warned that a planet-killing asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, acquaintances Kat and Ryan join forces in an effort to survive. […]

A Dead Ship in the Deep Black (The Lyra Cycle Book 1)

Rule number 1: Whatever you do, don’t open the box. Well, that’s rule number two actually. Rule number one is don’t take salvage jobs from people who’ve tried to sell you to an Antillian bug salesman. Neara “Tink” Bell is used to a life of odd jobs and even odder crewmates, working as the engineer […]

The Descendants War: The Complete Series Books 1-9 (John Walker Box Sets)

Commander Titus Barnes struggles to save his ship. War brews on the horizon and the crew of the TCN Triton get caught in the middle. When they answer a distress call from one of their colonies on the edge of their space, they end up outmatched and outgunned by an unknown force. This conflict may […]

The Undine’s Tear (Rise of the Grigori Book 1)

She’s destined to save the world . . . if she doesn’t destroy it first. Calandra’s destiny is also her doom. As the most powerful healer since the woman who sank Atlantis, she’s been raised to restore the Heartstone that protects her island from humans . . . before she goes Mad like her mother […]

Helix: Episode 1 (Helix): A Technothriller

Have you met Olesya? She’s a spy hunter. In a high-tech world of programmed assassins, betrayal and far-reaching conspiracies, Olesya and her team are the last line of defense against a covert organization that will stop at nothing to control the world. But a new, deadlier enemy is rising. And they have Olesya in their […]

Hometown Space Pirate (Viraquin Voyage Book 1)

Ben Roberts hears voices…alien voices. When word of his abilities spreads through the galactic grapevine, Ben ranks number one on an A.I.’s most wanted list to become their cybernated slave. A bleak prospect, but what if they offered him everything he ever dreamed of in exchange? A headstrong spaceship, with an intelligence of its own, […]

The Last Spiritwalker: A dark fantasy road trip

Ev will to do anything to escape her abusive husband and protect her daughter. She accepts a job that offers a power she never believed existed. But not all magic is rainbows and unicorns… The last Spiritwalker seeks to break the Covenant which has reduced ancient gods to fairy tales, and Ev soon realizes that […]

Forbidden Kingdom

A gate of bone, a forgotten prince, and a destiny that should have stayed locked. Seventeen-year-old actress Eloise has been told fairy tales her whole life. Every one of them dark, every one of them twisted, and all of them starting at the Dark Gate—a door of bone and silver that sits on her grandmother’s […]