The Ghost School: Marn Magical Academy Book 1

What happens when a girl from Earth attends a magical academy… in her dreams? Amy Laurendeau is just an ordinary orphan. Or so she thinks, until she finds, among her dead mother’s things, an advert for a magical Academy. An Academy she can only attend in a ghost form, in her dreams. Dreams that seem […]

Alien Hornet: An Alien Fated Mates Romance (Alien Abductors Book 4)

Grace I’ve shot a hornet. He’s eight feet tall, with bright yellow stripes, buzzing wings and hard compound eyes. And he is very angry. He abducted me from my farm and took me away in his spaceship, which looks like a hornet’s nest on the inside. But before that, he stung my friend. And with […]

Tales from Thac: A Collection of Short Stories and Novellas

Dragons, pirates, magic and deceit. Thac is no place for the faint of heart… Grand Choosing: Kortiama longs to prove herself at the Day of Choosing. Yet that day will hold more for her than she ever bargained for, if she manages to survive. Price of Honor: Seishin never expected to fall in love, nor […]

Broken Ascension: A Science Fiction Adventure (Trystero Book 1)

The war is over, and there are no winners. Just a broken galaxy. Now humans and aliens must share this war-torn galaxy. None of this matters to Drake, though, he’s just an artist. He’s tagging along on the busted up ship Trystero, along with its ragtag crew. Together, they traverse the Demilitarized Zone between Terran […]

Babylon Twins

Meet Chloe and Elizabeth Yetti: antisocial, semi-homicidal eighteen-year-old twins casually surviving the AI apocalypse. Ten years ago, a powerful machine intelligence unleashed a nanoengineered superdrug on humanity. Civilization is now a collection of mindless addicts confined to automated treatment centers that tower over drone-dominated cityscapes. Having escaped and grown up in the forests of Northern […]

Destiny (Experimental Heart Book 1)

For a relic of war, death is my inevitable release. Most people can’t kill without regret, but I don’t have that luxury. I am a tank-created nu-human, and my sole purpose hinges on the whims of my tyrannical maniac creator. Town annihilations to political assassinations—I never disobey. Until I want more. When I escape beyond […]

Masters Of The Broken Watches

An action adventure like Indiana Jones, a science adventure like Jurassic Park and a human feel-good story like Slumdog Millionaire. Masters of the Broken Watches is a must-read. Sebastian Miles and his team of marine biologists stare at their watches. Time outside their lab has jumped forward by twenty-two hours. Minutes before this illogical space-time […]

A Grimoire for Gamblers (The Trove Arbitrations Book 1)

The magic you can’t see can still kill you. Small town mayor’s assistant Elizabeth has enough on her plate grieving her father’s suicide. She doesn’t need his stash of magical knowledge in the attic. She doesn’t need the hidden supernatural subculture of monsters it pulls her into. And she certainly doesn’t need hints that her […]