[2024] Dragon Moon Rising

All will be lost with the coming of the full moon. The Dragon Moon Spell will be complete. Dragonkind is doomed.

After 600 years, the dragon Lessiam suddenly awakens with a human crying above him, the boy’s tears falling upon his forehead. Jos grew up a slave & just escaped after his last remaining family member was burned alive right in front of him for attempting to incite a slave riot.

As Jos and Lessiam come to know one another and investigate how Lessiam came to be enstoned for the past 600 years, they uncover the Dragon Moon Spell, which will reach its horrific climax with the destruction of all good dragons on the coming of the next full moon.

Can Jos and Lessiam be the spark of an alliance to overturn the oppressive regime in time?

In this complete, epic tale, all three of the Dragon Moon Rising books have been combined into one full-scale story of immersive proportions. This is the first-ever release of books 2 and 3 in the series. This edition includes all three original maps and the original art, all hand-drawn or hand painted by illustrator Linda Carol Nelson.

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[2024]   Dragon Moon Rising