The Waterboy

“Destiny is a tricky thing, boy. No one knows where a Traveller’s road may lead.” Zale Teague grew up thinking he was an ordinary boy—until the day he called lightning from the skies and caused an explosion with horrific results. Now, at only eleven, he is fleeing from his new merman identity across England to […]

The Shadowy Man: A Renaissance Fantasy Thriller

Ebook available today from: Amazon Apple Barnes & Noble Google Books Kobo   FREE TODAY   Audiobook available today from: Amazon Audiobook Apple Audiobook B&N Audiobook Google Audiobook Kobo Audiobook   Few men walk into shadow. Fewer walk out. Giaco, famed battle hero turned bodyguard, is a Reborn man. He believes in reason, harmony, and […]

ForeverQuest: Online Battle Arena – A LitRPG Novel

When a down on his luck, old-school gamer, wakes up in a daze on a foreign stage. He realizes he’s about to be forced to fight to the death in an online battle arena of Ortem’s most popular virtual reality game. A battle where only one group can survive. It’s life or death. There are […]