Destiny’s Blood (The First Star Book 1)

When twins dream of disaster, the universe will fall. Can one woman break the destined bonds and avert a deadly fate?

Layela Delamores yearns for a normal life running her own flower shop. Tormented by nightly visions of a troubling prophecy she can barely recall on waking, she’s petrified her new venture is doomed. And her fears are realized when her store is destroyed, her twin sister vanishes, and she’s forced to flee into space to escape death.

Soaring through the stars on the ship of a mysterious benefactor, Layela is determined to track down her missing sibling. And with their destiny entwined with the heart of the mythical First Star, she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the annihilation of reality.

Can Layela defy intergalactic inevitability and stop the destruction of the cosmos?

Destiny’s Blood is the powerful opening novel in the First Star space opera series. If you like high-stakes interstellar battles, unforgettable characters, and gut-wrenching choices, then you’ll love Marie Bilodeau’s action-packed tale.

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Marie Bilodeau knocks my socks off. She’s got an amazing eye for detail and a sumptuous narrative voice. Destiny’s Blood is a winner — another home run from one of Canada’s best new authors. –Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of WAKEM

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