RedLight District: Fantasy Romance

Desires are meant to be explored, only one taste won’t do.

Kimberly Peterson is awkward in every sense of the word. She hasn’t had a date in over a year. Her world revolves around work and close family and friends. That’s it. No boyfriend. No intimacy.
On the surface, her life is mundane, if not boring, but when you peel back the layers, she’s unhappy with the status quo and longs for a little excitement. When she stumbles upon an opportunity to change her circumstances, increase her desires, and live out her fantasies for 24 hours, she jumps at the chance, but there’s a catch…
Her wildest dreams can only come true if she keeps the red shoes on her feet. That could be a problem.
Will the magical shoes bring out the best in her, or will they leave her feeling unsatisfied yet again?
Find out in this fantasy romance that infuses a beloved classic fairytale with love, romance, and an unforgettable night with a devilishly handsome man that just might change Kimberly’s life!

Note: This story was first introduced in “The Red Shoe Chronicles: A Fantasy Romance Anthology by New York Times bestselling Author Natasha Larry.

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