Bad to the Bone (Wolf Investigations and Securities Inc. Book 1)

Tyne wants to mate Moe, but his curvy girl resists him at every turn. Their life is complicated enough, but dark forces attack and Moe is in danger. Moe wants Tyne and they live together. Why can’t that be enough for him for now? She knows he’s the one, but she wants to live life […]

Alien Hitman: A Science-Fiction Romance (Alien Abductors Book 7)

He’s the most brutal assassin in the galaxy. And I’ve just ruined his hit. Kaila He’s an alien, eight feet tall and as green as spring. He’s obviously from a predator species, all deadly fangs and furious determination. Now he drags me across the icy surface of the planet where his hit went wrong. Went […]


A terminally ill healer… Zivah was once her village’s most promising young healer, mastering potions that altered both body and mind. But when she’s conscripted to treat a battalion of grievously ill soldiers, Zivah contracts the deadly rose plague. Now she’s doomed to a slow, solitary death, cut off from everyone she loves. A broken […]

Defender of Gilgin (The Crystal War Saga Book 1)

When he searches for an ancient secret, he awakens a dark enemy. Now he needs to stop them to prevent the second apocalypse. Imprisoned by a power-hungry judge, Finn just wants to keep out of trouble and reach the end of his harsh sentence. Then he accidentally unearths a Manhir, a mythical creature of legend […]

Son of Soron (Stoneblood Saga Book 1)

When tragedy strikes a young boy is forced to become a warrior. To escape a perilous royal life, Soron and Velaina disappear to the small village of Elderwood, a magicless kingdom, to raise their son in secret. But when their child Nathan begins to show special powers, they realize they are no longer safe. Soon […]

When the Children Fight Back (Children of the Eye Book 3)

In the near future, Artificial Intelligences will be smarter than us. Is that a good thing? “Really entertaining, a brilliant balance between action and emotion.” “A wonderful story. So much imagination!” A mega-AI known as the Eye is intent on purifying the galaxy, by annihilating all ‘organics’. Humanity, itself already decimated after an attack by […]

Jexter Bladebrace & The Exalted Kingdom

In the year 2080 AD, the asteroid Ominoulada strikes the Earth, shaking the planet. Jexter Bladebrace finds himself stranded on an island. The spaceship Spectrovor arrives to help the Earthlings. Joining one hundred survivors on the island where Spectrovor lands, Jexter, Shelly and Mac try to prevent their island from sinking into the ocean. The […]