When the Children Fight Back (Children of the Eye Book 3)

In the near future, Artificial Intelligences will be smarter than us. Is that a good thing?

“Really entertaining, a brilliant balance between action and emotion.”

“A wonderful story. So much imagination!”

A mega-AI known as the Eye is intent on purifying the galaxy, by annihilating all ‘organics’. Humanity, itself already decimated after an attack by the Eye, must join eleven other species in the final battle at Orion’s Gate to stop their nemesis. Led by Sally, humans have a secret weapon: Ares, the last AI from a dead alien race. But can they really trust Ares? And as the battle rages in the heart of a star nursery nebula, Sally realises that one of the other species is about to betray them all…

The thrilling climax to the Children of the Eye series…

“A superb humdinger of a story. All pages are page turners! The scenario conjured up is just awesome!” Loulou.

“The aliens we encounter are true aliens, not just humans dressed up in odd costumes, showing how development and evolution might differ across different species.” Amanda R.

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