The Monarch’s Daughter: Part One (Tirzah M.M. Hawkins Horror Stories)

What happens when a Kaliah and a human share a mind-link?

“No crying in front of humans, my daughter.” Those were the last words that Flynae’s father, the Monarch of their people, said to her, moments before Lord Kovad Thyde killed him in front of her. When he touches her to kill her as well, the two of them become mind-linked, and he can’t go through with it.

Without the Monarch to keep them in check, the evil rulers are now free to use Flynae’s royal body how they see fit. What does she have that they need in order to solidify their hold on the galaxy? How will the human that loves her protect her from more powerful forces at work?

Get lost and fall in love with this dark fantasy, age-gap story as enemies become lovers and save each other.

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