Mars Ho! (Mars Adventure Romance Series Book 1)

A chance at being one of the first colonists on Mars is a dream come true for Lori Ridgway. But having to compete 24/7 in a globally broadcast reality show for a berth on the colony ship could prevent her from ever getting off the ground.

Lori Ridgway is ready to give up everything for Mars. But when she entered the corporate-sponsored Mars Ho competition, she didn’t anticipate the chaotic, meat-market atmosphere that has candidates vying with each other on everything from creative seduction to life-and-death in the airlock.

She certainly didn’t expect Mark Lauren—handsome, intelligent, principled, one of the strongest competitors in the Mars Ho biodome, and an infuriating stickler for the rules.

As rivals and potential partners, Mark and Lori must each decide what they would do for a one-way trip to Mars. The same passion and stubbornness that force them to work together against the hazards of competition, dangerous drama, and an endless supply of unpalatable protein paste might be the very factors that keep them worlds apart.

But Mars is calling, and a global audience is getting ready to vote.

Mars Ho! is the first book in the spicy sci-fi Mars Adventure Romance Series. Start reading today!

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