The Fixer

Who fixes the Fixer?

Using enhanced abilities forced on her in the past, Fix helps people with nowhere left to turn. When her partner, LT, sends a friend to her place desperate for help, Fix can’t say no. Not that she would. The hot P.I. needs to temporarily disappear after witnessing a murder and she enjoys a challenge.

Logan Tyler didn’t mind being Fix’s sidekick the last five years, despite knowing little about her. After taking Derick Shaw’s case and seeing him constantly flirt with her, old feelings resurface causing tension within the group. The more Logan denies the truth, the harder it is to keep everything locked inside.

As the stakes continue to rise and Derick becomes a target, Fix and Logan must work together to keep their client alive while navigating the complicated history between them.

Then Fix’s past comes back to haunt her. Believing she has to handle it alone, Fix pushes everyone away, thinking it’s her only choice. But Logan refuses to step aside and will do whatever he can to protect Fix. Even if it means losing her.

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