Mars Heat (Mars Adventure Romance Series Book 3)

Things are heating up on the Red Planet.

Trevor Azam thought his biggest challenge on Mars would be just staying alive, not doing battle with the local astronaut authority. Newly arrived at the tiny settlement of Ares City, the displaced chef is working hard to keep his fellow colonists’ hopes burning bright. They’re all too aware of how unprepared they are for the harsh realities of survival on Mars, and they’ve gotten off to a bad start with their only neighbors on the planet.

Alluring and uncompromising United Nations Space Corps commander Hogan Kay wants nothing more than to end her fourteen-month mission at Progress Base without anyone dying on her watch, but she fears the new Mars colonists will ruin her perfect record. She’s trying to teach them everything she knows about how to survive on a barren and hostile planet so far from Earth, but she keeps getting distracted by the quiet, dark-eyed Trevor and his delicious casseroles.

On a planet that is trying to kill them at every turn, Trevor and Hogan must learn to work together for mutual survival. And amidst bioreactors, food printers, and ill-fated trysts, might true love be lurking on the Red Planet?

If you can’t stand the heat, you’d better stay off Mars.

MARS HEAT is the third book in the MARS sci-fi romance series. Start reading today!

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