Hunted: Book 1 of the Bloodline Alliance series

★Blake and Kayla’s story★

Sometimes, the truth is not always the answer.

Circumstance bought them together. Connection brings them closer. Can an alliance save them?

Running for her life, seventeen-year-old Kayla wishes her parents were here to train her now she’s finally received her magic. Instead, they leave her with the near impossible task of finding Killian – a shifter she knows nothing about.

Her mission leads her to cross paths with Blake, a kind-hearted sixteen-year-old who shows her light in the darkness. She desperately tries to keep him away but when his family are taken by a group of shifter hunters, she finds herself tangled in a secret she must be willing to die for, becoming bound to Blake in ways neither can explain.

Chased across the country, Blake and Kayla are caught in a lethal battle for superiority between shifters and magic users. Will they be able to accept the devastating consequences their hunt for freedom may bring?

Teen Wolf meets Shadow Hunters in this YA paranormal & urban fantasy romance novel, the dramatic first instalment of the Bloodline Alliance series.

Set in England, book 1 is a slow-burn romance with minimal swear words/cussing.


Blake and Kayla’s story continues in book 2, DECEIVED . . .

Bloodline Alliance Series:

BOUND (due Autumn 2021)

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