Unlucky Charm: A Superhero Urban Fantasy (Black Kat Book 1)

From Misfit Cop to Bad-Ass Bounty Hunter…
Officer Katherine Carter never quite fit into the Chicago Police Department. Her tracking powers pull in everything around her—the good, the bad, and the unlucky. Now they’ve caused a media frenzy and ended her career for good.

But there are other ways to serve the law, and Kat is given a chance to join a Fugitive Recovery Team, where her abilities can be put to better use…and lead her into deeper trouble. Can she survive her career change? And what exactly is she, really?

Buckle your seat belts and climb aboard the Black Kat series, a superhero urban fantasy packed with action, adventure, mystery, comedy, and romance. And cats. Lots and lots of cats…

Catch all of the Black Kat books:
Black Kat I: Unlucky Charm
Black Kat II: Kat & Mouse
Black Kat III: God Save the Queen
Black Kat IV: Playing with Fire
Black Kat V: Kat-A-Strophic
And many more to come!

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