Dreams of Magic (Mage of Storm and Sea)

They called him a war hero. The savior of the common people of the Islands. The greatest weather mage the Islands ever knew. But once, he was a lonely, misfit youth with some impossible dreams.

Esavas Daruvias wants two things in life – to become a weather mage and to marry the girl of his dreams. But, bookish, awkward, and misfit, his magical power stunted since childhood, he knows that his hopes are completely out of reach and life as a scholar at the remote, secluded Tower is his only refuge from a society where he doesn’t belong.

Then his father offers him the impossible, an arranged marriage to the beautiful Pirazina, the girl he’s always loved – who barely even knows he exists. Determined to win her heart and admiration, Esavas risks everything – his freedom, his future, even his power itself – to become the mage and man he longs to be and make his dreams a reality.

Dreams of Magic is the prequel to Mage of Storm and Sea, an epic fantasy series with a prominent romantic storyline in the later books. There will eventually be an HEA for the characters, but they have to work for it first!

Contains strong language and mature subject matter, including drug and alcohol use and sexual references.

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Dreams of Magic (Mage of Storm and Sea)