Born of Empire: A Sci-Fi Thriller (Dodecahedral Book 1)

Out of the devastation and smoke, the Battle Borgs of Dome were advancing towards him!
“I had a nightmare, mum… I really don’t want to go!”
“It was cold. I was afraid. I could not get out.”
“It was only a dream. You have to go.”
How long can a mother regret the last words to her son?

Teodor of Earth is taken, he falls into the hands of the ruthless yet charismatic Chart Segat, a populist politician, he is also head of the crack space warriors: the Dome Militant.

Teodor’s mother, Regent Sayginn of Freyne 2 will use every resource at her disposal: military might, security surveillance, battle cyborgs and insider intelligence to find her son. She will call on the Valvanchi, the telepathic shapeshifters alien to free him. The only question is can they get to the prince in time?

Meanwhile, in the shadow of the Dome, living a life of desperate poverty is another boy: Guy Erma. His only dream is to join the Dome Militant, and the only way he can do that is by doing whatever Chart Segat says. Whatever he wants!

A tightly plotted thriller, Born of Empire is a complex space opera with a cracking science fiction storyline, told with verve and pace.

If you enjoyed the political infighting of Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’, the sincere heroism of Luke Skywalker (as written by George Lucas) , and the fierce detemination of Pippin Took ( J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings) , then you’ll love the richly detailed world-building and high stakes action of ‘Born of Empire’ by Sally Ann Melia.

★★★★★ A thoroughly exciting read. I’m new to reading Sci-fi and can’t wait to read the next instalment of this series.

★★★★★ An engaging sci-fi adventure combines political intrigues, well-developed characters, and a balanced mix of humor and heartbreak.

★★★★★ The world is wonderfully crafted with amazing characters and the story intriguing with coverups, lies, betrayal, and political corruption.

★★★★★The author’s skilful and enveloping narrative will keep readers on edge. ★★★★★ Unable to put the book down.

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Born of Empire: A Sci-Fi Thriller (Dodecahedral Book 1)