Defender of Gilgin (The Crystal War Saga Book 1)

When he searches for an ancient secret, he awakens a dark enemy. Now he needs to stop them to prevent the second apocalypse.

Imprisoned by a power-hungry judge, Finn just wants to keep out of trouble and reach the end of his harsh sentence. Then he accidentally unearths a Manhir, a mythical creature of legend that heralded the apocalypse a thousand years ago.

To his shock, the Manhir helps Finn escape, making him question the stories of its fearsome reputation. Bound by friendship, they go on a quest to discover the truth about the mythical events which gave the Manhir their evil reputation.

The Inquisition’s high priest however, clings to old superstition, and pursues Finn and his new friend across the realm to exterminate them. Then, as they dig for the lost secrets, they awaken an ancient enemy. Finn will need all his wits and willpower to thwart this dark power and avert a second apocalypse.

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