The Facility: A young adult dystopian adventure (Book 1, The Breeder Files)

Train hard. Trust no one. Survive at all costs.

Anya always believed she was safe, but when her parents are brutally murdered, she is thrust into a new reality. Forced into a training facility that teaches survival, Anya vows to avenge their deaths.

Being pitted against other teenagers in game-like scenarios quickly becomes her new norm. The training makes Anya stronger and more resilient. But when she falls for a trick to eliminate her competition, the facility’s sinister motives are exposed.

Her new home is no sanctuary and a heartbroken Anya is left with a devastating choice. Play by the savage rules and get out, or follow her heart and pay the price.

Broken heroines and machine minds battle in this exciting young adult science-fiction suspense series. THE FACILITY is the first book in the Breeder Files series.

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