The Book of Death: Book One of the Azimar Archives

Two brothers opposed.
A knight faced with an impossible choice.
And a Gifted witch, capable of seeing glimpses of an uncertain future.
They alone might change the world of Azimar.
For better, or for worse.

Mothlenor, fearing an end to humanity, will stop at nothing to keep mankind from falling into the darkness of history.
His brother, King Areanath, is just as determined to stop him, even if it means one of them must die.
Nevina, Gifted and skilled in the arcane, must find a way to protect her Coven and keep herself and the young girls in her care from getting swept up in the forces swirling around them.
And Ajax, determined to maintain some semblance of peace within the great walls of Azimar’s largest human city, must soon choose between the safety of his sister and her unborn child or finding and protecting the woman he loves.

Only one thing is certain.
The future of Azimar is shrouded in death.

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