Obsidian (The Dragon Kings Book 1)

I hunt dragons.

Well, not really, I use my camera and I manage to get some awesome pics. Too bad everyone else is terrified of them.

Though, I guess given my history of doing anything for an adrenaline rush, people shouldn’t be surprised that I spend every weekend scaling the mountains in Yellowstone in the hopes that I can get close to one.

What people don’t know is that I’m a thrill seeking junkie so that I don’t have to think about the man from my past who destroyed me.

When his doppelganger shows up at the coffee shop where I work, I try to hide, but he won’t leave me alone because he wants to hunt down the dragons with me.

Heck, no.

But then people in the park start dying and everyone thinks it’s the dragons. I have to prove that it’s not which means I might have to trust the one man I can’t bear to look at.

If I don’t, the dragons might be destroyed forever…

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