Kissing Magic (Portals to Whyland Book 2)

This book can be read on its ownbr bGreedy cunning and selfish Sian is not someone to be trusted But when Karina is called to break his spell with a kiss she accepts itb brbr Shes smart enough not to fall in loveor at least to tell herself not to brbr But risking a broken heart is the smallest of her problems Sians been enchanted in a mysterious ancient castle where dark magic has been awakened And now Karinas being hunted by strange creepy creatures and has no idea why brbr Sian offers to keep her safe and deal with the castle and its dark magic once and for all If Karina wants to find answers shell have to trust himdespite knowing well that hes no hero brbr Shell also have to return to that castle and face dangerous magic And spend time with Sian Hes hiding secrets he might be lying to her but hes also making sure shes safe Her mind tells her one thing and yet her heart feels another brbr Which one should she trust brbr Kissing Magic is a YA enemiestolovers romantic fantasy and can be read on its own Recommended for readers 13 and older

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