Goddess: A Forerunner Story

Uncover the Ancient Secrets of Anadi in the Riveting Must-Read Sci-Fi Adventure GODDESS: A Forerunner Story

—In the galaxies of uncharted territories and unexplored worlds, Roke Stenner had seen his fair share of strange beings and extraordinary phenomena. But nothing could have prepared him for Anadi, the seemingly perfect planet for human colonization that was anything but normal. And nothing could have prepared him for her.

Is She Human… A Female Alien…or?
Caught within the powers of a woman who may or may not be human, Roke finds himself struggling to resist her siren’s call. With each passing day, he falls deeper under her spell, torn between his growing desire for her and his duty to protect humanity from the danger that lurks on Anadi.

Is He Her Prisoner…Or Her Breeding Stud?
—As Roke grapples with his own emotions and the impossible reality of the woman who has captured him, he must find a way to escape her grasp and warn the rest of the galaxy. But with her psionic abilities and their intense sexual connection, will he be able to break free, or will he be forever lost to her mysterious and seductive charms?

—In this thrilling sci-fi tale, the line between what is human and what is not is blurred, leaving Roke and the reader to wonder: was she human… a female alien… or something else entirely?

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