Edge of the Splintered Galaxy Quadrilogy

Four books, 2,000+ pages, one incredible space opera fantasy journey across the galaxy!

The mission was simple. Discover and explore uncharted planets. What Captain Foster’s crew discovered was an ancient nemesis.

And they accidentally awoke it.

Now, Captain Foster’s mission has changed. Her crew has become the galaxy’s only hope to thwart the largest invasion to threaten the Milky Way, from a foe thought to only exist in myths and legends.

And the only way to do that is by building a mishmash team of explorers, marines, scientists, and psionic aliens, then prepare for a voyage to the edge of the galaxy, the origin of the ancient threat.

What they discover there will either be our last hope to prevent the galaxy from burning or valuable intel to organize us for the invasion’s final phase.

And we are so not ready for an all-out invasion.

Foster and her crew need to reach worlds at the edge of the galaxy. And they need to do it fast.

Contains four books
The Siege of Sirius
Celestial Incursion
Unsanctioned Reprisal
Hallowed Nebula

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