Dreadmarrow Thief (The Conjurer Fellstone Book 1)

bBOOK ONE of the awardwinning Conjurer Fellstone Trilogy that continues with GRAVENWOOD and KINGSHACKLEb brbr Sixteenyearold Tessa Skye a locksmiths apprentice loves to shapeshift into a sparrow using a windridera forbidden magical amulet During one of her outings she accidentally reveals herself to the Conjurer Lord Fellstone The tyrant sends his knights after her resulting in the murder of her father Driven to reverse his fate Tessa and her two companions embark on a perilous quest seeking love revenge and a cure for death brbr Praise for Dreadmarrow Thiefbr For those who enjoyed Harry Potter but who seek a feisty determined female protagonist Midwest Book Review Silver Medalist SPR Book Awards A stellar entry into the genre of YA fantasybr Bronze Medalist Wishing Shelf Book Awards A gripping fantasy adventure highly recommendedbr The quest narrative is exciting and compelling a work of classic fantasy The BookLife Prizebr Celebrates life and love the way only the best fantasy tales can Kirkus Reviews

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