Mara Amberly’s Exclusive Interview with

Hi Mara, thank you for taking some time out today to chat with us about your writing. So, tell us, what’s it like being a writer?

Mara: At the moment my work consists of writing, editing my own books (and others’), creating my own art (and I take on art commissions), and I have an Etsy store where I sell jewellery, paintings and things that I’ve made. I tend to go through phases of writing, editing and art, and don’t do all of those things on a given day. Some days I focus more on some of those aspects than others. The thing I do most consistently every day is promoting in some form or another.

It’s a busy life then! You definitely must be very creative – with written word and other creative arts.

Your book, A Key to Worlds: A Parallel Worlds Novel, is featured within our collection of free science fiction and fantasy books. Can you tell our readers a little about it?

Mara: A Key to Worlds is the first book of a loosely-based series that I’m planning. My theory behind it is there are countless parallel worlds and many characters on those worlds would have stories. I’m intending to write further books in the future that tie in either directly or indirectly with this one.

Brilliant! We could read parallel worlds stories all day long. Is that what you’re working on at the minute?

Mara: I’m working on Silk and Earth right now, which is the second novel of the Sisters of the North series. I took time away from writing it to write and publish A Key to Worlds, so now I’m back on track working on it again.

As I’ve mentioned, A Parallel Worlds is available for free via our site, but how can readers find the rest of your books?

Mara: Amazon mainly, although I have a few books wide – just a poetry book and a couple of short stories, I think.

I have a web site at and various social media links: Twitter, Facebook and GoodReads.

Thank you Mara!