Nicole Givens Kurtz meets

Nicole Givens Kurtz is the published author of the futuristic thriller series, Cybil Lewis. Her novels have been named as finalists in the Fresh Voices in Science Fiction, EPPIE in Science Fiction, and Dream Realm Awards in science fiction. Nicole’s short stories have earned an Honorable Mention in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest, and have appeared in Crossed Genres, Tales of the Talisman, and numerous anthologies such as Baen’s Straight Outta Tombstone, and Onyx Path’s V20: Vampire the Masquerade Anthology.

Thank you, Nicole, for meeting me today! We’re always keen to find out more about the authors and books we feature. Let’s start off by finding out how long you’ve been writing and what inspires you.

Nicole: Sure! I’ve been writing since high school, but I’ve been published since 1998. My first published book is titled, A Complete Woman. Music inspires me. I’m a fan of The Police, Sting, 90s Grunge music, and Prince.

Your taste in music is exquisite. Does your inspiration extend to basing characters in books to people you’ve met in real life?

Nicole: My characters are not based on real people; however, I cannot deny that pieces and parts of people’s personalities and quirks make their way into my characters’ DNA. 🙂

“The Soul Cages” features in our free collection of sci fi and fantasy books. We’d love you to set the scene for the book for our readers.

Nicole: At the onset of The Soul Cages, we find Sarah escaping to the Circle of Allerton. She’s met there by a Minister Knight. Although she’s saved from Valek’s soul cages, she eventually saves the entire galaxy.

The Soul Cages is the first novel in the Minister Knights of Soul series. The series focuses on a group of minister knights who save the souls of the Veloris people and those of other planets. These are their stories of adventure, magick, and quests.

Oh… sounds great! Is there a particular theme that runs through the story?

Nicole: Yes, there are a couple of themes. My story is of courage, friendship, and embracing your gifts.

Readers can, of course, find The Soul Cages from our site, but where else can readers find your books?

Nicole: Yes, The Soul Cages is available wide, but DEVOURER, the second Minister Knight of Souls novel, will be available July 14th is an Amazon exclusive.

We’ll look forward to it! In the mean time, how else can readers contact you?

Nicole: Readers can find me at, on Twitter Twitter and on Facebook.

Thank you Nicole for chatting with us today!

You can find The Soul Cages as part of our free collection here.