A Chat with May Freighter

May Freighter is an internationally bestselling author from Dublin, Ireland. She writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Sci-Fi mysteries that will keep you entertained, mystified, and hopefully craving more. Her only pets are cacti. They’re the only things that survived. It may be too dangerous to entrust her with an animal while she’s engrossed in writing.

On sunny, rainy, and overcast days, she spends her time with her fictional friends, putting them through dangerous adventures while wishing them the best of luck. Her hobbies are photography, drawing, and plotting different ways of a characters’ demise. But, don’t be afraid to engage her. She always eagerly responds to mail from others.

Being married to an Irish woman myself, I was excited to meet May to find out more about her and her books.

It’s great to meet you, May. You’re pretty well known, so it’s very kind of you to
taking time to chat with me today. Thank you! Let’s get things started!

How long have you been writing? When did you publish your first book?

May: I’ve been writing since 2012. At the time, I was still a university student and couldn’t make up my mind about which career path to undertake. My first book was published in Oct of 2016.

That’s pretty recent for someone who’s reached best seller status, congratulations!

Things must have changed pretty quickly for you, what’s a typical day like for you as a writer?

May: Being a writer isn’t very glamorous. I spend most of my days in pyjamas!

My day starts off with checking my emails and social media. Once that’s done, I get a cup of tea and some food in me before I do some editing/proofreading/writing/marketing/etc. The rest of the day tends to fly by and, before I know it, it is already 5 p.m. and I am brain-dead.
If I am working hard on a new book, sometimes my writing session would last until 10-11 p.m. in the evening. It can be monotonous and draining, but as long as I remember to eat and go for a walk once in a while, I get by.

That’s dedication! So, what inspires you to write? Where do your ideas come from?

May: I love looking at beautiful photos of people and scenery. But, a lot of the time my inspiration comes from music videos that tell a good story or songs that stick in my head.

Ideas tend to come to me on their own accord. I don’t force them, yet quite a few of them are based on the dreams I’ve had.

I try to avoid basing characters on real people, but it can’t be avoided entirely. Subconsciously, we work on things that we have seen or done before. As we give our characters more traits and features, they become sentient enough to control their own path in the story.

“Case: 0” is featured within our collection of free science fiction and fantasy books. Can you tell us a little about it? Set the scene for our readers?

May: It’s a part of a series. I have not decided how many books there will be in Annalise Storm Chronicles. So far, two books are available for purchase and the third will be out in 2018.
Over time, I hope to help Annalise grow into a good detective who will have a lot of tough choices to make in her life between where she belongs in society and if she is willing to sacrifice her safety net for the one she loves.

My book, Case: 0, is about prejudice and genetic modification. It’s about oppression and forbidden love. I am also a huge fan of mystery, which is why my work tends to have quite a bit of that mixed in with romance.

The themes I have in the Annalise Storm Chronicles are: forbidden love and people aren’t always what they seem.

Sounds great! I really enjoy a good detective story – mix that with some fantasy and you’ve got a book that will make its way to the top of my to be read pile!

What are you working on at the minute?

May: I am working on a new Paranormal Romance book right now for fun and am preparing three other Urban Fantasy books for release later this year. The 4th book of Helena Hawthorn Series release is scheduled for August. I’m really excited about it.

So how can readers get hold of your books? (Aside from grabbing Case: 0 for free on GeektasticBooks.com)

May: Readers will mainly find my books on Amazon but they can also reach me on Twitter, Facebook and BookBub.

Perfect! Thank you May, for giving us such a vivid insight into your life as an author and we’ll keep watch for the next Helena Hawthorn book!

Meanwhile, readers will be able to find Case: 0 for free, here.