Kyndra Hatch chats to

Thank you for talking the time out of your day to chat today! We’re really excited to have your book, Aliens in the Barn as one of the free books in our collection of sci fi and fantasy.

What do you write, and what inspires you?

Kyndra: I write space opera and science fiction romance. I’ve always loved science-fiction and all my favorites, like Star Wars, Dune, Farscape, have romantic elements. However, sometimes I felt like those romantic elements left me hanging. I wanted more, to know where the romance might have gone between the characters; how did they feel? I generally don’t read romance, so didn’t know there was even such a thing as science-fiction romance until around 2010 or so. But when I did find it, it was like opening up a whole new world, no pun intended, lol. It was like all my favorite science-fiction with those romantic elements, but I wasn’t left wondering about the romantic parts. Not only that, but it was so diverse, so imaginative. I could read about aliens, other worlds, time travel, even a combination of the above. And the romance could be between the aliens or aliens and humans, or humans and humans who are space traveling for any reason anyone wanted. Even pirates in space! Even archaeologists in space! So many wonderful things. And, at the core of it all, were those romantic elements that make the best science-fiction great for me. Before I knew it, I was writing it myself.

So, your book, Aliens in the Barn is a sci fi romance then?

Kyndra: Aliens in the Barn is a life in pieces storyline of four short stories revolving around two couples. One couple is from the planet Beryll, warriors Bazin and Miaxa. Bazin crash landed on Earth with three other Beryllians. He lives in the barn that belongs the other couple, a couple of regular humans, Alex and Beth. I’d say Aliens in the Barn has themes of cultural encounters and misunderstandings. There is a military fiction feel to it that underlies the theme of first contact between aliens from outer space and humans of Earth.

These cultural misunderstandings between the humans and aliens are explored in the book, especially when Miaxa arrives to Earth with a spectacular reaction from Bazin involving weapons that the humans didn’t even know the Beryllians had. It leaves Alex and Beth puzzled as to who this new arrival is to Bazin as well as who the Beryllians really are. There is comedy; as one reviewer put it, “tear streaming, out loud laughter,” witty bantor, bonding, and beneath it all how cultures can be the same when it comes to love. Another reviewer said, “It’s a fun, fresh, action packed, well-written story that I loved.”

It sounds like the reviewers are loving it! Have you written any more books in the same vein?

Kyndra: Aliens in the Barn is part of a larger series. I am currently working on several full-length novels that will explain what happened to the Beryllians through Bazin and Miaxa as well as through the Beryllian doctor, Andler. Bazin and Miaxa are reunited in Aliens in the Barn, but the reader will see many references to a tragic past that the couple will overcome. Andler believes his mate is dead, but will find out the truth of her fate. There will also be a story involving Kordan and what happened between him and his brother that started the war that eventually doomed their entire civilization.

The Stranger, which is a short story in the anthology “Tales from the SFR Brigade,” is set in the same series. It gives a glimpse of the future that will eventually set up a meeting between Nolyra and Jack, and Bazin and Miaxa. Nolyra is going to have a very hard time reconciling that Bazin and Miaxa aren’t part of the Skellyd faction of Beryllians that destroyed her world.

Sounds great! Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Kyndra: Readers can find out more about me through my newsletter, where I give updates on my stories as well as opportunities to win gift cards and get free ebooks. They can also follow me on my blog.

Thank you, Kyndra!

Readers can get Aliens in the Barn for free here.