Jeffrey Bardwell speaks exclusively with

As I chatted with Jeffrey before the interview I discovered that he is an ecologist who once offered his students the opportunity to skin a skunk for extra credit. It did not go well.

Leaving the skunks well alone, I managed to grab some time with him to chat about his books.

Hi Jeffrey, can you tell our readers a little about yourself, your writing and what inspires you to write?

Jeffrey: I’ve been writing short stories since high school. I wrote my first novel in 2015.

I get up, I eat breakfast. I write. I eat lunch. I market my writing. Then I write.

My ideas come from a maelstrom of dreams and reality… as well as strong, heart-pounding classical music. The best fictional characters are real to me, thought some parts of them may be based on actual people.

The Dead Knight’s Speech features in our collection of free sci fi and fantasy books. Can you tell our readers a little about it?

Jeffrey: The Dead Knight’s Speech is the first in the Metal vs Magic Series. It chronicles the destruction and government persecution of the mage class by the evil Iron Empire. It’s all about a woman out to save her family in a man’s world that is falling apart around her. The themes are about self discovery and stripping the glamour off personal mythos.

I’m working on the next novella in the series right now.

I’m definitely going to check out Dead Knight’s Speech – that sounds like a great read to me! And I’ll look forward to the next novella when it’s ready.

Aside from being able to claim a free copy of The Dead Knight’s Speech from, how else can readers find your work?

Jeffrey: You’ll find my books on Amazon, B&N, Google Play and Kobo. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for your time today, Jeffrey! Good luck with the next book.

Grab your copy of Dead Man’s Speech here.