Aurora Springer talks to

As a scientist in her “day job” with over 200 scientific papers published, Aurora found writing science fiction and fantasy the perfect way to give her imagination some great exercise.

What types of stories inspire your writing?

Aurora: I really enjoy science fiction stories about weird worlds and fascinating aliens.

How long have you been writing?

Aurora: I’ve been writing since childhood. I published my first novel in 2014 with a story written some 30 years earlier.

That’s a long time for a book to be kept hidden! We’re really glad you decided to take the leap and publish! So, how do you come up with ideas? Have you based any of your characters on real people?

Aurora: Some of my ideas come from dreams. My characters are inspired by my experiences and knowledge of real people, but they are never based on specific people.

So, your book, Grand Master’s Pawn, Part A is part of our massive giveaway (here). We’re very excited about it! How would you describe your book?

Aurora: One young woman with a hidden talent challenges the secret rulers of the galaxy, and risks a perilous love. It’s all about courage, persistence and that kindness will overcome the worse challenges. Grand Master’s Pawn, Part A the first part of the Grand Master’s Trilogy in the series, Grand Masters’ Galaxy. I have published four books and a short prequel in this Epic SciFi Fantasy series with adventure and romance.

Sounds great!

Apart from our site, how else can readers find your books?

Aurora: Some of my books are in Amazon KDP Select and free with kindle unlimited. Other books are wide and available at iBooks, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. Readers can also find me at the following links:

My Website:
My blog on blogspot

Thank you so much, Aurora! We’ve really enjoyed getting to know more about you and your books and hope to delve more into your Grand Master’s Trilogy.

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