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Tora Moon

A fight gone wrong. A tragic mistake. One man’™s journey to find redemption…

Exhausted after a lifetime spent battling the Malvers monsters, Histrun wants more for his people than simple survival. The fighting method he and his bond-mate, Zehala, devised has the potential to finally destroy the monsters and bring an end to the thousand years of war. Only the Dehanlair Clan, led by Histrun’s arch rival, hasn’t embraced the new method. They finally agree to learn the method, but only if Histrun and Zehala are the ones to teach it.

Filled with foreboding, Histrun and Zehala travel to the far southern province. When he arrives, he finds the province is overrun by monsters, and his rival ruling as a cruel tyrant. Histrun must somehow overthrow the despot and save the Dehanlair people, without becoming their Clan Alpha and forced to live the rest of his days far from home.

Redemption is a prequel in a series of action-packed, epic magical fantasy novels. If you like exciting battle scenes, ferocious shapeshifters, masterful story arcs, and intriguing magic systems, then you’ll love Tora Moon’s Malvers War series.

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