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The Masked Family
Robert Jeschonek

Meet Cary Beacon, a super-hero in his own mind. Cary’s mission to rescue his kidnapped step-kids leads him to Mexico, where he teams up with El Yucatango, a gonzo masked wrestler on a mission of vengeance. As Cary and El Yucatango fight the battle of their lives to save the kids, Cary’s disappearance forces together his fractured family back home, torn apart by a fiery tragedy years ago. The parallel quests of Cary and his family link to an explosive moment in true-life history: the KKK’s 1924 siege of the immigrant mining town of Lilly, Pennsylvania, which left a curse on the Beacon family. Can delusional Cary break the curse? If he and his siblings reunite as their childhood backyard alter egos, The Nuclear Family, maybe they stand a chance.

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