Up Coming Promotions

We’ve been very busy creating promotions that readers love!

Our very first promotion (here) was a fantastic introduction to both our readers and our new authors, showing you all what GeektasticBooks.com are really about – bringing awesome books to readers in a way that is fair to all the participating authors. No more being doomed to sit at the bottom of a promo page!

We then created our most recent cross-promo, sharing an exclusive collection of Instafreebie hosted books that Instafreebie themselves shared with their 300k strong readers. This promotion is still ongoing, seeing thousands of page views everyday. We expect the authors to all find new readers who’ll enjoy their stories and many more happy readers who have just found their new favorite site to find sci fi and fantasy books.

However, before all that, we’ve been building a list of readers who are addicted to sci fi and fantasy books – ebooks in particular. We don’t discriminate between types of ereaders, stores or sub-genre preferences. Readers will find books that are listed on a wide range of retailer sites: Amazon, B&N, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Google, Bookfunnel and Instafreebie. So, regardless on whether you publish wide, or if you’re an Amazon KU convert, our readers are interested in you.

Right now we’ve just opened two more cross promotions where authors can get involved. Here’s some quick info about them both:

August Unlimited – KU Cross Promo Opportunity

This is now live!

September Instafreebie Opportunity

Dates: 6th September – 17th September 2017
Open to all types of Sci Fi and Fantasy that is available on Instafreebie.com
Cost to participate: $20 plus agreement to share the promo with your social media and/or author newsletter.
Click here for more info and to participate.

GeektasticBooks.com Newsletter

Soon, we’ll be opening spots for our GeektasticBooks newsletter, so you’ll be able to feature your book directly into avid readers’ inboxes.

Other Opportunities…

We’ve been interviewing authors too! Our exclusive interviews give readers a chance to see behind the magical curtain to what it’s like to be a writer. It’s about more than just selling a book – let readers get to know about you and why you write what you do… let readers find their newest favorite author.

We’ve had to temporarily close this feature to new authors due to the high number of responses we are currently working through. When this reopens, we will provide more information in our author newsletter. In the meantime, why not have a browse through the current (and expanding) selection of interviews to get a feel for what others have said. We’re hoping to reopen this in September / October time and invite interest in particular from authors in the UK and Ireland – please email us!

Be sure to sign up to our author updates email to find out first about new opportunities and exclusive discounts.

Who are GeektasticBooks.com anyway?

GeektasticBooks.com is run by a husband and wife team, Brian and Beth Moore. You may already know Beth as she writes romance under her maiden name, Beth Wynne, and also runs other book promotion sites, most notable is BrazenBookshelf.com. If you write romance, then BrazenBookshelf.com’s Author Services site is well worth a visit.