August Instafreebie Opportunity

UPDATE: JULY 31st 2017

Sorry, you’re too late… We’ve sold out.

Send us an email to admin (at) to be first to find out about any new promos we’re planning. Thank you for your interest!


An opportunity to share your Instafreebie Reader Magnet with Instafreebie’s 300k Readers!

This Instafreebie Push will be going out on Instafreebie’s Monday email on 2nd Aug 2017 – a list of over 300k readers. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to reach new readers!

The promo will last between 2nd August – 16th August 2017. All participating authors are expected to promote the push to their social media/newsletters within this timeframe.

Instafreebie themselves will be emailing it out to their readers on 2nd, so participating authors would be letting their newsletter/social media know between 3rd August – 16th to allow us to let Instafreebie reveal it first. The cost is $20 which is used towards creating images, the time needed to prepare the promo and also some advertising costs.

We will keep the promo page up for a lot longer than that – at least a month and likely a lot longer. This is to allow late-comers to still find the promo, but there’s no expectation that you need to keep your freebie available for any longer than the 16th August.

Your science fiction or fantasy book actively promoted to tens of thousands of ravenous readers. Depending on your Instafreebie account, YOU can directly collect email addresses from readers who are downloading your reader magnet.

This is a general promotion and is suitable for any type of science fiction or fantasy story*.

Check out our recent promotion – notice how all the books rotate when you refresh the page? No need to be relegated to the bottom of the page. We’ll also be featuring one book (yours, in rotation) with your blurb too!

All authors are expected to promote the push to their social media and/or newsletters.

Not an Instafreebie Author? Check’em out here for your free Plus Plan trial.

What’s included?

– Instafreebie Push Promotional graphic and suggested wording to share with your fans during the event.
– Your book featured within the Instafreebie Push page on This page employs our special script, designed so all books rotate as readers visit – ensuring all books will appear at the top of the list evenly. No more being stuck at the bottom of a promotional page.
– The Instafreebie Push being sent to our newsletter list.
– The Instafreebie Push, with your book, being sent by all authors to their newsletters and social media accounts.


Just click the PayPal button below, you’ll be directed to a form to provide book details after payment. (If for some reason you’re not redirected, send a quick email to admin at and we’ll collect the info directly.)


*”Amazon Rules” apply. If the content would not be permitted on Amazon, then it’s unlikely to be accepted as not appropriate for our push. We reserve the right to refuse books.

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