August Unlimited – KU Cross Promo Opportunity

Let’s start KENPC v3.0 with a bang!

Your book will be featured within a promotion for Kindle Unlimited Science Fiction and Fantasy books. This cross promo will be featured on its own page, will be promoted to our ever-growing reader newsletter, and all participating authors will share with their social media/newsletter between 21st August – 3rd September.

Your book must be available on KU for the duration of the promo. You are welcome to hold a count down deal or use your free days during this period, but it is not a requirement of the promo.

All books promoted will show the book image that will link to where the reader can download the book. All books will, in rotation, appear at the top of the page, where readers can read a teaser or short blurb for that book. As the page refreshes, readers will see a new, highlighted book. (We display book cover images at a width:height ratio of 2:3 – e.g. 200px by 300px)

This is a great opportunity to find new readers and bring more attention to your KU books.

What is The Deal?

Your end of the bargain
Your book will be available for readers within KU for the duration of the promotion (21st August – 3rd September 2017), and you agree to share the promotion image and link on your author social media and/or newsletter. You will need to share this promotion to your social media / newsletter between the promo date.

The cost is $20 which is used towards creating images, the time needed to prepare the promo and also some advertising costs.

There’s no minimum book length but the story must be of a science fiction or fantasy nature. Obviously, as the only links accepted for this are Amazon links, the content must also be “Amazon Rules” friendly. If your story is likely to get pulled from Amazon for dubious content, then we reserve the right to refuse to promote your book. If your book is removed from Amazon during the promotion period, we will be unable to offer a refund for the promotion. Still unsure? A quick email to admin @ with the book info will give you an answer.

We will keep the promo page up for a lot longer than the promotion – at least a month. This is to allow late-comers to still find the promo, but there’s no expectation that you need to keep your book enrolled in KU for any longer than 3rd September.

The book link you provide can ONLY be from Amazon. Affiliate links are not permitted and will be stripped.

Book links will be checked during the promotion and books that are no longer enrolled in KU will be removed without notice and no refunds will be issued – it’s your responsibility to ensure your book stays KU!

What we’ll do
What you’ll get in return:
– your book promoted on on a special promotion page (similar to our recent Instafreebie cross-promo.) The promo page displays the books in a random order each time it is visited, so your book will appear at the top of the list as often as any other book, ensuring that all books are promoted in a very fair way. Notice that one book, with its blurb is highlighted at the top of the page, each book will be highlighted in rotation.

– we’ll create the promo image and provide you with the promotion link

– your book link will be tracked and you can request the number of readers (total clicks and unique clicks) that visited your book – something Amazon will never tell you.

– alongside Facebook advertising, we’ll push this promotion to our readers within a number of newsletters during the promotion time.

– do our very best to ensure that all authors share so everyone benefits.


Just click the PayPal button below, you’ll be directed to a form to provide book details after payment. (If for some reason you’re not redirected, send a quick email to admin at and we’ll collect the info directly.)

The Finer Print
This is a general promotion and is suitable for any type of science fiction or fantasy story*. If your book is not science fiction or fantasy based and/or we feel it is not a good fit for the promotion, then we reserve the right to refund your promotion. (You would be informed of this at the earliest stage.)

As a community of authors, we should be supporting each other. That’s exactly how readers who enjoy one author’s work find other books they’ll love too. By submitting your book to this promo you are agreeing that you’re going to share the promo image and link to either your author social media or your author newsletter… or both. There is no minimum requirement of how many followers, subscribers or friends/likes you have, but there is an expectation that you do honour your side of this deal. Unfortunately some authors won’t do this, which is a crappy thing to do, but I guess there are some who haven’t heard about karma. Previous “offenders” will already know if they’re on our blacklist.

*”Amazon Rules” apply. If the content would not be permitted on Amazon, then it’s very unlikely to be accepted as appropriate for our push. We reserve the right to refuse books we feel do not complement the theme, genre or quality expected.